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Report from Acton Bridge WI February 2018

AB WI Horse Riding

Members of the WI Adventure Club enjoying Horse Riding in Acton Bridge

Report of Acton Bridge WI meeting February 2019

The Craft Club had made some green felt heart badges for The Climate Coalition campaign "Show the Love for the Planet". Everyone was given a badge in order to initiate discussion on how members could reduce their impact on global warming and do things to help the natural world. A suggestion was made to encourage insects into gardens to help vital pollination. Using bars of soap instead of liquid soap would reduce plastic waste and turning down the thermostat of our homes were other suggestions.

The Adventure Club thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Weaverham Equestrian Centre to go Horse Riding, and after walking and trotting all dismounted successfully. Some members have signed up to do 'Walking Netball' at Weaverham Community Centre. The Flower Club made some stunning arrangements using exotic flowers. The Walking Group chose a beautiful sunny day for their walk from Beacon Hill, Frodsham.

The speaker, Becky Mallows, who works for African Initiatives, told members about some of the ways the charity helps to empower women and girls in Tanzania. Many girls in that country have their education cut short because of forced marriage at an early age. The women are often denied the chance to own land on which to grow crops. African Initiatives focuses on education and health and well-being particularly. The charity's success comes from the fact that they work in partnership with grassroots organisations run by local people, especially women. She was thanked by Veronica Oliver.

The beautiful flower arrangement of tulips was won by Sue Williams. There are plans to celebrate CFWI's centenary by planting a tree in the grounds of the Parish Room.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 12 March at 7:30pm when Stephen Golding is talking about 'Looking Back in Time'.

The January 2019 Meeting Report is here.

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