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This page has been detached from the main Parish Council page to provide a single reference point for documents concerned with various compliance and transparency requirements. In most cases you will need a .PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to view the downloaded files.

Update 11. June 2019

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A Notice of Election has been received from Cheshire West and Chester Council for the Election of Parish Councillors

A copy can be downloaded (as a PDF) by clicking here.

There are expected to be vacancies on Acton Bridge Parish Council after its AGM on 29. April. More information about the role of Parish Councillors, the Election process, standing as a Candidate, and Parish Councils generally, can be found on a special new 2019 Election Page. You can also see a list of the 2019 Candidates there.

Following the Local Elections on 2. May 2019, your Parish Councillors are:
C Robert (Bob) Holt, Chairman
Trevor Brocklebank, Vice Chairman
Clare Ballantyne Roberts ; Hazel Bayley ; Charles Fifield ; Robert Forbes ; David Hall
Cllr Steve Pardoe did not stand for election this year, and has (after 18 years) retired from the Parish Council.

Most meetings are attended by one or more of our three Local Government Representatives from Cheshire West and Chester Council. Since May 2011 we have been in the "Weaver and Cuddington" Ward, which consists of four Parishes - Acton Bridge, Cuddington (which includes the community of Sandiway), Dutton, and Weaverham, though there are recent proposals to change this yet again. You can read more on our Boundary page.

Your Cheshire West and Chester Councillors (since the Local Elections on 2. May 2019 in the Weaver and Cuddington Ward) are as follows:-
Charles Fifield ; Gillian Edwards, and Paul Williams.

Your Member of Parliament is Mike Amesbury (Labour, Weaver Vale), who took the seat from Graham Evans at the General Election on 8. June 2017.

In compliance with Transparency requirements, Parish Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes are published on this website. Note that Minutes of Parish Council Meetings are not normally published until they have been approved at the subsequent Meeting. From June 2017 onwards, they are in the form of .PDF Documents, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below :

Agenda for the September Meeting of the new Parish Council (2. September);
Minutes for...
June 2019 ;
May 2019 ; AGM, 29. April 2019 ; April 2019 ; March 2019 ; February 2019 ; January 2019 ;

Earlier Minutes (and AGM Minutes) can be accessed on our Archive page.

Here are some on-site links to our statutory documents - click on them to download as PDFs (you will need Adobe or similar reader).

2019 Documents
Accounting Statements May 2019 ; Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 ; 2017-18 Accounts ; Notice Of Public Rights And Publication Of Annual Governance & Accountability Return (Exempt Authority)

Earlier Documents
Standing Orders (August 2018) ; 2017-18 Audit Report ; 2017-18 Accounts ; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy Statement ; Accounting Statements June 2018 ; Notice of Conclusion of Audit ; 2016-17 Annual Return (Audited, 4 MB) ; 2016-17 Accounts ; Note to 2017 Accounts ; 2015-16 Accounts Variances ; 2015-16 Accounts ; Financial Regulations ; Code of Conduct ; Register of Assets ; Risk Management

Some External Document links:-
Model Code of Conduct Order PDF Download from Gov.UK website (new link) ; Consultation on the Model Code (local copy here) ; Natural England ; MHCLG Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (yet another new name!)

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Please note: this is a personal website, and does not necessarily represent the views of Acton Bridge Parish Council or any other organisation. Its editor up to 6. August 2019 was Steve Pardoe
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